“By reputation and through performance, Robert Brown is, unquestionably, one of the finest builders in Baldwin County. I know this first hand, having been “allowed” to work, every day, on the home he built for me and my wife in Magnolia Springs. His knowledge of, and associations with, the finest specialty building trades people brought together an exceptional team of skilled crafts people who carefully performed their specialties and, more importantly, contributed significant suggestions toward improving the home-building project. From budget planning, to site preparation and layout, foundation security, framing and wind and water storm engineering protection, Robert was the watchful and skilled eye who made certain that the project was done correctly, on time, and in accordance with the proposed budget. As the project advanced from the rough physical work to the aesthetic final finished, Robert brought in his Master Carpenter who, in my experience in building my three complicated houses, was the best I have ever worked with. Attention to detail, finishes, tolerances, final coordination with inspections and Certification were each attended to by Robert and made the whole process of planning, executing, and finishing the home an exceptionally pleasant and rewarding experience. We would by very pleased to arrange a visit to our home for seriously interested clients of Robert’s who are demanding the highest quality in craftsmanship and client care”

— Nick Shields